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“I’m scared of losing my home”

Recent statistics show one UK homeowner risks losing their home every two minutes, The Guardian reports.


The Council of Mortgage Lenders show there are 54,000 households who have been in mortgage arrears for more than a year. Meanwhile, Shelter has seen a 38% increase over the past year in the number of calls to it’s helpline.


Finding yourself unable to sell your house on the current depressed market is only to be expected – and the longer you wait the more money you lose. Do you long for a hassle free, quick sale in return for cash in as little as seven days? Well, whilst the open market grinds to a halt, The Quicker Sale remains actively buying homes throughout the UK. Any size, shape, location or reason; The Quicker Sale can offer you a guaranteed cash-in-hand sale quicker than anyone else.


Visit our website at TheQuickerSale.co.uk where you can receive a free, no obligation, instant cash offer in under a minute. You can also follow us on Twitter at ‘@TheQuickerSale ‘ and catch us on Facebook at ‘Quicker Sale‘.



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