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“I just can’t seem to sell my house”

We all know how difficult it is to sell your house in the current climate, even if you decide to lower the sale price. An entire French village, which caught global public attention after failing to find a buyer for the price of a one-bedroomed Paris flat, was on Monday finally auctioned off to a noted photographer.


According to The Telegraph, the abandoned hamlet of Courbefy in central France consists of 19 buildings, a swimming pool, stables and a tennis court. It went on sale at a starting price of 330,000 euros and was sold to the South Korean photographer known as Ahea for 520,000 euros.


Ahea, the buyer, who has an exhibition scheduled at the Louvre Museum next month, was not present for the auction.
The artist, who already has interests in several organic farms, prides himself on his website on allowing “nature to live as it was intended to live, without the interference of man and man-made additives of any kind”.
The mayor of neighbouring Saint-Nicolas Courbefy, Bernard Guilhem, le maire de Saint-Nicolas Courbefy said: “I am reassured that the village has finally be sold and if the (buyer’s) project is still unclear, I’m convinced it will recreate life and stimulate the economy. There will be jobs,” he said.


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