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I can’t sell my Essex home


Vanessa Mitchell in her haunted house


If you, like Vanessa Mitchell are unable to sell your Essex home then perhaps The Quicker Sale could help.
As The Sun newspaper reports, Ms Mitchell has fled her Essex cottage in a bid to escape the property. The mortgage payments, however, were not the primary reason. It was in fact ghosts who drove her and her small child away.”Sneakily HITTING her from behind, PULLING her hair and trying to SHOVE visitors down the stairs. They also invisibly MOVED objects around, RATTLED doorknobs and TURNED ON taps. Then they made BLOODSPOTS appear in the hall.”

Vanessa, who had spent three years putting up with the ghosts and counted at least a dozen, said yesterday: “I thought, ‘As a single mum I can’t live like this’.”


If you want to sell your home fast, The Quicker Sale can take it off your hands for a no hassle, cash lump sum. No matter what the reason for sale might be, we remain actively buying homes across the UK despite economic, location or condition issues. Contact us today.


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